A new issue of Naval War College Review is out. From Infinity Journal (reg. req.), Benjamin “BJ” Armstrong (USN): Living in a Mahanian World. From Information Dissemination, is China the real Mahanian maritime power of the 21st century?; and with so few U.S.-flagged ships and carriers, is America still a maritime power? Increasingly, Information Dissemination is the go-to site for meaningful public discussion of maritime strategy. A review of Utmost Gallantry: The U.S. and Royal Navies at Sea in the War of 1812 by Kevin McCranie. Air-Sea Battle: Without ground forces, the U.S. cannot counter Chinese aggression. China's navy goes global — and develops a cruise missile to supplement its seagoing arsenal. From Beijing Review, a special section on Diaoyu Islands dispute (and more). Japan's most volatile politician is making a splash in the South China Sea — and the Chinese are beating the drums of war. James Holmes on the Sino-Japanese Naval War of 2012: OK, it's probably not going to happen — but if it did, who would win? When it comes to warships, bigger is usually better, and the most successful vessels are often those that are adaptable to changing times and technologies.