From Religion Dispatches, parent, prophet, con-man, spy: Who was Rev. Moon? Philip Jenkins on how we became obsessed with cults: Small religious groups like the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church were once feared and hated. Who's your theologian? Why theology debates have gone from debating ideas to debating the people who came up with them. David Sessions on the illusory promise of apolitical theology. Bryan Roberts on 7 things Christians need to remember about politics. The mythical Catholic vote: Charles Molineaux on the harmful consequences of political assimilation. David Clayton on the Institute for Catholic Culture, an organisational model for the New Evangelisation. Influential church historian Diarmaid MacCulloch said he believes that Christianity faces a bright future but predicts that the Roman Catholic Church will undergo a major schism over its moral and social teaching. Three recent books expose the cultural captivity of the church to Western ideas about sexuality. A review of Holy Misogyny: Why the Sex and Gender Conflicts in the Early Church Still Matter by April DeConick.