A new issue of Ethics and Global Politics is out, including Fred Dallmayr (Notre Dame): Cosmopolitanism: In Search of Cosmos. The first chapter from On Global Justice by Mathias Risse. Kenneth W. Abbott (ASU), Philipp Genschel (Jacobs), Duncan Snidal (Oxford) and Bernhard Zangl (Munich): Orchestration: Global Governance through Intermediaries. The introduction to A Global Parliament: Essays and Articles by Richard Falk and Andrew Strauss. You can download Global Administrative Law: the Casebook, 3rd ed., ed. S. Cassese, B. Carotti, L. Casini, E. Cavalieri, E. MacDonald, M. Macchia, and M. Savino. From the International Peace Institute, you can download The Management Handbook for UN Field Missions. The Atlantic Charter: David Brazier, Martyna Minkowska on revitalizing the spirit of the founding of the United Nations over seventy years past. A review of Governing the World: The History of an Idea by Mark Mazower (and more and more). Make law, not war: How to solve spats over sea borders. A review of Global Health Governance by Jeremy Youde. Don’t count on enhanced global governance: Global economic cooperation can help mitigate many economic problems, but it is often difficult to justify, and even more difficult to achieve.