Adrian Perez (Beloit): Yet Another Path: Another Path: Expanding De Soto's Framework Using Ostrom's Insights. Barbara P. Billauer (IWP): Did God Invent Fibonacci Numbers? From The Christian Post, pastor Mark Driscoll says Twilight is for girls what porn is to boys; and will Russell Crowe portray Noah as an environmentalist wacko? Predicting the future is easier than it looks: Nate Silver was just the beginning — some of the same statistical techniques used by America's forecaster-in-chief are about to revolutionize world politics. From Vanity Fair, William Langewiesche on the dark romance and grim reality of life in the French Foreign Legion. Nerds, stop hating women, please: One comic creator's rant is just the latest example of misogyny in geek culture. Eleven years ago, Pamela Geller declared war on savages who were trying to take over the world — this November, she admits she lost. Asawin Suebsaeng and Dave Gilson have a chart of Almost Every Obama Conspiracy Theory Ever. Hearing someone complain about Notre Dame in 2012 is like having someone call you on a rotary phone and tell you all the reasons you shouldn't like Air Supply (and more).