From the Journal of Business Anthropology, a series of contributors on what business anthropology is, what it might become and what, perhaps, it should not be. From Nerve, Lizzie Plaugic on why everyone should be insulted by the term "friend zone". Jacques Morizot reviews Painting Borges: Philosophy Interpreting Art Interpreting Literature by Jorge J.E. Gracia. Dylan Trigg reviews The Unconcept: The Freudian Uncanny in Late-Twentieth-Century Theory by Anneleen Masschelein. From The Montreal Review, Leigh Donaldson on America’s love affair with cars. The realism of Lincoln is just the flip side of the hagiography of Lincoln: Only a country steeped in myths of innocence would find the most conventional and boring kind of realism about politics to be the trumpet blast of Truth, Brave Truth. What happens now that the war on drugs has failed? Benjamin Wallace-Wells wonders. Paul Waldman on why Obama won't be the one to end the war on drugs: It's the inverse of Nixon going to China. Matthew Yglesias is against the grand bargain: A long-term deficit deal is impossible, and the quest for one is hurting the country. Why do grammatical errors turn Jekylls into Hydes? Jessica Love on the liberal grammar fanatic.