Richard L. Hasen (UC-Irvine): The 2012 Voting Wars, Judicial Backstops, and the Resurrection of Bush v. Gore. The mystery of the pro-Obama dark-money group: The 2012 campaign's most secretive nonprofit wasn't Crossroads GPS or Americans for Prosperity — it was the Democrats' Priorities USA. Did Citizens United help Democrats in 2012? Molly Ball investigates. How political campaign spending brought down the Roman Republic: If Cato, Cicero, or Julius Caesar were here today, they would recognize the danger posed by Citizens United. Off the rails: Joel Kotkin on how the Party of Lincoln became the Party of Plutocrats. Mark Thoma on why the GOP won't admit supply-side economics has failed. The crisis of American self-government: Harvey Mansfield, Harvard's “pet dissenter”, on the 2012 election, the real cost of entitlements, and why he sees reason for hope. Tom Engelhardt on the Barack Obama story: How a community organizer and constitutional law professor became a robot president. Have the Democrats opened up a real Electoral College advantage over the Republicans? Asya Pereltsvaig on U.S. electoral geography: An urban/rural divide? Anita Serwacki on 9 non-political issues that divide American voters.