Armageddon 2.0: Although the threat of nuclear war seems more distant now, other threats have arisen from the very technologies responsible for human progress, such as computing and energy production. A new centre at Cambridge will address developments in human technologies that might pose “extinction-level” risks to our species, from biotechnology to artificial intelligence. Joseph L. Flatley goes on a journey through America’s Doomsday obsession (in 5 parts). Inside the future: A look at how Popular Mechanics predicted the next 110 years; here are 110 predictions for the next 110 years; 10 things that will disappear in the next 110 years; and 10 things that will never change. The NIC predicts a very transhuman future by 2030. The slow future is our best hope if we want to steer humanity toward a tomorrow where our species survives. Catastrophiliacs: For some, the end of the world can’t come too soon. Waiting for the end of the world: Preppers may be the last ones standing when the Man comes around. Here is the Government Guide to the End of the World. Nibiru, or Planet X is entering our orbit: OMG, The End is Nigh! NASA and the Vatican agree: the Mayan apocalypse isn’t going to happen. Jonathon Keats on 20 things you didn't know about The End.