Douglas L. Rogers (OSU): After Prometheus, Are Human Genes Patentable? Barnali Choudhury (Queen Mary): International Investment Law as a Global Public Good. Avner Offer (Oxford): Self-interest, Sympathy and the Invisible Hand: From Adam Smith to Market Liberalism. From The Nation, here is a Progressive Honor Roll of 2012. From The Awl, Maura Johnston on The Year in Internet Outrage. Edward Small on Australian aborigines and the health problems of Westernization. Genetic essentialism, culture, and the weirdest people in the world: An interview with Steven Heine on human universals. Is the use of recreational drugs just part of the human condition, and to that end is drug addiction actually part of our natural evolution as a species? From History Today, Hent Kalmo considers the roots of sovereignty and the changing basis determining the authority of a state to govern itself or another state at the expense of local or individual liberties; and the right to determine who enters its territory has always been seen as a test of a state’s sovereignty, but the physical boundaries have often been vague, says Matt Carr.