Garrett Broshuis (SLU): Restoring Integrity to America’s Pastime: Moving Towards a More Normative Approach to Cheating in Baseball. Dylan Kerrigan (West Indies): White Supremacy versus Gangsterism on the Small-Goal Football Field. You can download Problems, Possibilities, Promising Practices: Critical Dialogues on the Olympic and Paralympic Games, ed. Janice Forsyth and Michael K. Heine. The next Jeremy Lin? Jay Caspian Kang on Oak Hill Academy's Chris Tang and the pressures of being the Great Asian Hope. The helmet that can save football: Athletes in the U.S. suffer 3.8 million sports-related concussions each year — while helmet makers dither with small improvements, Swedish scientists have built something that could protect us all. Football coaches vs. the common good: Why doesn’t the GOP gripe about our taxes going to multi-million-dollar coaches’ salaries? An in-depth look at Sportsnet magazine, its corporate branding, and why parent company Rogers is willing to lose millions on its newest baby. The most hated blogger in America: Sara Morrison on the secret to Chris Chase — and possibly USA Today’s — success. Dave Zirin on how 2012 was the year our sports broke. Bhaskar Sunkara writes in defense of sports: Why let capitalists have all the fun?