Daniel Bodansky (Arizona State): The Who, What, and Wherefore of Geoengineering Governance. Stephen Gardiner (Washington): The Desperation Argument for Geoengineering. Some see geoengineering as an easy out, a parachute for an irresponsible world — they have a point, but people deploy parachutes when their only other option is to crash and die. Is "geo-engineering" really just gardening? When it comes to attempts to actively steer the environment toward a desired outcome via geoengineering, there are some international treaties and national regulations — but most have no teeth. Pacific Ocean hacker speaks out: Is Russ George a "rogue geoengineer," salmon savior or something else? Under repair, forever: Geoengineering sounds like something from a science fiction novel, but we actually do it every day. Terraforming Earth: Kim Stanley Robinson on why geoengineering doesn’t have to be science fiction. Crossing the climate “red line”: We cannot afford to let another year go by without significant action; 2013 must be the year that we shift gears, learn how to use the brakes, and save our planet from being damaged beyond repair.