From the Oxonian Review, complete with dreadlocks and cigarette: Charne Lavery reviews Moving Spirit: The Legacy of Dambudzo Marechera in the 21st Century. Electric fences are going up around Kenya's forested mountaintops — is this the only way to keep Africa's water flowing? Carla Nappi interviews Catherine Higgs, author of Chocolate Islands: Cocoa, Slavery, and Colonial Africa. Ruled by Morocco for decades, some say Western Sahara shares commonalities with the occupied Palestinian territories (and Angel L. Martinez on the long, lonely journey of Sahrawi activism). Rick Rowden on the myth of Africa's rise: Why the rumors of Africa's explosive growth have been greatly exaggerated (and a response). Augusta Conchiglia on Thomas Deltombe, Manuel Domergue and Jacob Tatsitsa’s Kamerun!, the first full account of France’s hidden colonial war in West Africa. Joanna Lewis reviews Re-imagining the Dark Continent in Fin de Siecle Literature by Robbie McLaughlan. Christina M. Russo on the perils and rewards of protecting Congo’s gorillas. Most of Africa spent two generations under colonial rule; contrary to some recent commentaries highlighting the benefits of colonialism, it is this intense experience that has significantly retarded economic development across the continent.