From Technology Review, welcome to the Malware-Industrial Complex: The U.S. government is developing new computer weapons and driving a black market in “zero-day” bugs — the result could be a more dangerous Web for everyone. Adam Fish on the Internet: Who built that? The US calls loudly for “Internet freedom”, but it is Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon that have built up the dotcom services used by people all over the world. Muzzled by the bots: Intermediaries online are more powerful, and more subtle, than ever before. Redesigning Google: How Larry Page engineered a beautiful revolution. Google’s impossible plan to fix our broken world: Self-driving cars and a better shopping experience will not mend our messy human imperfections. Nassim Taleb on being aware of the big errors of “Big Data”. David Gelernter on the end of the web, search, and computer as we know it.