From Business Week, a series of articles on the most influential people in the world of sports. A review of War Without Death: A Year of Extreme Competition in Pro Football's NFC East by Mark Maske. [The latest issue of Bookforum includes a review of War Without Death.] From Counterpunch, an article on athletes, violence and male sexuality. The Hypocrisy Game: A review of Fastest, Highest, Strongest: A Critique of High-Performance Sport by Rob Beamish and Ian Ritchie. A review of A History of Drug Use in Sport 1876-1976: Beyond Good and Evil by Paul Dimeo. Bad sports: Why people cheat when they don't have to. A look at the 10 most insane "sports" in the world. A review of Far Afield: A Sportswriting Odyssey by S.L. Price. Pro football's literary lessons: A look at the long shelf-life of last year's real playoff heroes—and this season's questions.