From National Journal, the 2008 presidential campaign, the first in more than half a century without a sitting president or vice president in the running, is a wide-open affair; and previously solid Republican states are shifting toward the Democrats, reordering the campaign plans of presidential candidates in both parties. From OJR, an article on viral politics 2008: A look at how social media is changing the presidential debate. When candidates attack: As the primaries get closer, the knives are coming out. A guide to the candidates' strategies for "going negative”. The myth of the rational Iowa voter: Do the supposedly wise and deliberative citizens of Iowa and New Hampshire take their responsibilities seriously? George Bush and the Rain God: Voting records suggest that Republicans should hope for a rainy, snowy day on November 4, 2008. Alan Lichtman on the 13 keys to the White House: Why the Democrats will win. From New York, an article on The First: Female President, male First Lady, and former President in the White House.