A new issue of OnEarth is out. Masatoshi Jinno (Toyo): The Impact of Immigration Under the Defined-benefit Pension System: An Analysis Incorporating Assimilation Costs. Daniel H. Levine (Maryland): Some Considerations for Civilian-Peacekeeper Protection Alliances. In a global crisis, should USIP take charge? From Curator, what would happen if everyone in the film industry voluntarily covenanted not to show positive gun violence for a year? Sorina Higgins investigates (and part 2). Jon Terbush on how the gun-law backlash made the NRA stronger: As an assault weapons ban fizzles, the NRA is enjoying some of its best fundraising ever. Is the deforestation of central Africa caused by man or climate? Stars love: Celebrity humanitarianism is moving beyond Western countries; it is increasingly becoming a trend among emerging markets.