Nik Winchester (Open) and Nicholas Bailey (Cardiff): Making Sense of “Global” Social Justice: Claims for Justice in a Global Labour Market. Andy Sumner (King's): The Buoyant Billions: How “Middle Class” are the New Middle Classes in Developing Countries? (And Why Does it Matter?) Andy Sumner (King's): Where Will the World's Poor Live? An Update on Global Poverty and the New Bottom Billion. A place of one’s own: Land is more than real estate — in many parts of the world, it’s the key to survival, belonging, and identity. The migration and labor question today: Raul Delgado Wise on imperialism, unequal development, and forced migration. Global justice between minimalism and egalitarianism: Chris Armstrong reviews From Global Poverty to Global Justice by Pablo Gilabert and On Global Justice by Mathias Risse. Watch Thomas Pogge set out his plan to end global poverty at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) in London.