Lili Levi (Miami): “Smut and Nothing But”: The FCC, Indecency, and Regulatory Transformations in the Shadows. Seeking a moral calculus: Michael DeLang considers society's continual acceptance of violence; whether governmental or individual, anonymous or notorious, the ends never justify the means but the perpetrator feels justified. Sparing you the agony of enduring any more explanations of ear-candling or aromatherapy than is strictly necessary, Crispian Jago has compiled a handy Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense. Alex Murashko on The Bible series: Hollywood gets the message it's good business to respect Christians. The Philosopher Ploughman: Graham A. Macdonald reappraises the ideas and impact of the 20th-century political thinker, Michael Oakeshott. Slyer than Fox: Rebecca Dana on the wild inside story of how MSNBC became the voice of the left.