Nikolay Marinov (Yale) and Hein E. Goemans (Rochester): Coups and Democracy. Brian D. Earp, Olga A. Wudarczyk, Bennett Foddy, and Julian Savulescu (Oxford): Addicted to Love: What Is Love Addiction and When Should It Be Treated? From Wonkblog, Ezra Klein on how no one really believes in “equality of opportunity”; and surprise! When the rich get richer, taxes go lower. Can humans survive? Five mass extinctions have nearly wiped out life on earth — the sixth is coming. From Buzzfeed, Evan McMorris-Santoro on Deputy White House Chief of Staff Mark Childress, the most powerful man in the White House you’ve never heard of. Kevin Hartnett interviews Larry Hunter, the Cassandra of digital privacy: Thirty years ago, one man saw what the Internet was about to take away. As climate changes, one species faces extinction by becoming exclusively female.