A new issue of Public Diplomacy is out. Teemu Ruskola (Emory): Canton is Not Boston: The Invention of American Imperial Sovereignty. Rosa Brooks (Georgetown): Democracy Promotion: Done Right, a Progressive Cause. Melinda Haring on reforming the democracy bureaucracy: Washington's democracy promotion community is a mess — here's how to fix it. Jordan Michael Smith on why Kennan matters. Do presidents really steer foreign policy? Joseph Nye says they can — but mainly by doing things other than what we want and expect from them (and an excerpt from Presidential Leadership and the Creation of the American Era). From American Diplomacy, Susan R. Johnson, Ronald E. Neumann and Thomas R. Pickering on how presidents are breaking the U.S. Foreign Service; and Curt Jones on a Guide for the Aspiring Imperialist. When it comes to selling guns to shady regimes, the United States is still firmly No. 1.