From the Jewish Review of Books, Benny Morris reviews Fortress Israel: The Inside Story of the Military Elite Who Run the Country—and Why They Can’t Make Peace by Patrick Tyler. Why should we even care if the government is collecting our data? Kafka, not Orwell, can help us understand the problems of digitized mass surveillance, argues legal scholar Daniel J. Solove (and more). Oversight now: Bruce Ackerman on why Congress needs to go big — and restrict the power of a runaway executive branch. Sam Pizzigati on where Uncle Sam ought to be snooping: Let’s place private corporations with government contracts under surveillance — to make sure no one is getting rich off our tax dollars. “I don’t care much about my image”: John McDermott interviews Bernard-Henri Levy on toppling tyrants and his new “rendezvous with the question of art”. Beyond recognition: Katie Drummond on the incredible story of a face transplant.