The inaugural issue of the Journal of Practical Ethics: A Journal of Philosophy, Applied to the Real World is now out. Henrik Lundberg (Gothenburg): Philosophical Thought and Its Existential Basis: The Sociologies of Philosophy of Randall Collins and Pierre Bourdieu. Erik Angner (George Mason): Is Empirical Research Relevant to Philosophical Conclusions? From 3:AM, Joel David Hamkins is a maths/logic hipster, melting the logic/maths hive mind with ideas that stalk the same wild territory as Frege, Tarski, Godel, Turing and Cantor; and Jennifer Lackey is the rootin’ tootin’ jive falutin’ philosopher of testimony and social epistemology. David Wall reviews Constructing the World by David J. Chalmers. Philosophy is a big tent kind of thing: There is a world of difference between being philosophical, being a proper philosopher, and being a professional philosopher. Name five women in philosophy — bet you can't: Tania Lombrozo on the mysterious underrepresentation of women in philosophy.