Matt Lamkin (Stanford): Cognitive Enhancements and the Values of Higher Education. From Expositions, a special issue on ethics education. Jenny Davis on how the legitimacy and usefulness of academic blogging will shape how intellectualism develops. Academic journals have also come under attack recently, from scholars who charge that they are too quick to publish flashy, headline-generating results, which ultimately end up being disproven. David Rosen reviews Priests of Our Democracy: The Supreme Court, Academic Freedom and the Anti-Communist Purge by Marjorie Heins. Should everyone go to college? Mike LaBossiere wonders. Margaret Foster on college’s raison d’etre: British literature or software engineering? No-confidence: Rebecca Nathanson on John Sexton and what kind of university we want NYU to be. NYU neatly embodies everything wrong with higher education in America. Two-thirds of college students think they’re going to change the world.