Rafael Dobado Gonzales, Alfredo Garcia-Hiernaux, and David E. Guerrero (UCM): West versus East: Early Globalization and the Great Divergence. From Distilled, Tobias Schaffner on the demise of love and friend­ship in pub­lic dis­course; and don’t click click the guilt away: Yasmine Colijn on how online activism has sedated rather than empowered us. Dylan Matthews on America’s secret intelligence budget, in 11 charts. The vitamin myth: Paul Offit on why we think we need supplements. The Syrian Electronic Army: Matt Buchanan on how the pro-Assad hackers wage war. Mark Bowden on what Snowden and Manning don't understand about secrecy: Government often finds bad reasons to keep information hidden, but the recent indiscriminate leaks are foolish. Fact 1: Atrocities are happening in Syria, and Fact 2: The United States has bombers, cruise missiles, and drones — putting those two facts together does not make the second a solution to the first. When we talk about modern conservatism's being the province of reckless vandalism, this is what we're talking about. Rebel with a cause: Shaun Randol interviews Carne Ross on the Occupy Money Cooperative. A look at the airlines’ endless quest for better boarding. Supermajordammerung: The day of the huge integrated international oil company is drawing to a close. What’s the future of drug policy? Harold Pollack interviews Gil Kerlikowske, America’s “Drug Czar”.