From New Statesman, a review of Why Are the Arabs Not Free? by Moustapha Safouan. Law of God versus law of man: A tantalising reform of the Saudi judicial system is under way. From American Heritage, an article on the Iraq War resolution: What was everyone really thinking five years ago? From Dissent, exit or no exit? Jean Bethke Elshtain, Sohail Hashmi, Gerard Powers, Trudy Rubin, and Michael Walzer on morality and the withdrawal from Iraq. An interview with PW Singer on privatizing terror and outsourcing diplomacy. From, is Iran truly a threat to the West and the United States in particular? And is military action against Iran likely or imminent? How the military can stop an Iran attack: Peace activists are reaching out to US military officials to dampen the Bush Administration's ardor for attacking Iran. Resign, retire, renounce: What should generals do if Bush orders a foolish attack on Iran? A look at why "soft" power in Iran is counterproductive. Scores of public hangings by the Iranian government have sparked harsh criticisms from human rights organizations, who question the given reasons for such punitive measures. From RAND Review, Afghanistan on the Edge: A world at risk of winning the urban battle, losing the rural war, abandoning the regional solution.