From Peace Policy, George A. Lopez and David Cortright (Notre Dame): Suspending Sanctions: A Strategy for Reaching a Nuclear Agreement with Iran; Seyed Hossein Mousavian (Princeton): Prospects for Diplomacy to Resolve the Iranian Nuclear Dilemma; and Ellen Laipson (Stimson): Preventing War with Iran: Have Prospects Improved? Matthew K. Shannon reviews The Iran Narrative: Ideas, Discourse, and Domestic Politics in the Making of U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Iran, 1990-2003 by Christopher Joseph Ferrero. Since 1979, anti-US art has been a staple of Iran's streetscape — is this era of propaganda coming to an end? And so we have the Republican Party’s biggest donor saying that we should nuke Iran as part of our negotiations to stop Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons. Talk to Iran, it works: Based on talks in 2001, the outlines of a deal on Iran’s nuclear program and Western sanctions are clear. Michael Crowley on the incredible, absurd Iranian hostage rescue mission that never happened: "It would have been World War III". From The National Interest, Paul Pillar on mirror-image hardliners; and Usha Sahay on how Iran and the US are finally learning to talk. Michael Crowley on the Dummies Guide to Iran’s Nukes — an illustrated five-step guide to understanding what it’s all about. Obama’s secret Iran detente: Long before a nuclear deal was in reach, the U.S. was quietly lifting some of the financial pressure on Iran — how the sanctions were softened. Bennett Ramberg on on the burden of Libya and North Korea on Iran's nuclear policy. Dennis Ross on what you need to know to understand the Iran nuclear negotiations.