Ingo Elbe (Oldenburg): Between Marx, Marxism, and Marxisms: Ways of Reading Marx’s Theory. From Mediations: Journal of the Marxist Literary Group, Imre Szeman (Alberta): Conscience and the Common; Max Haiven (NSCAD): Finance Depends on Resistance, Finance is Resistance, and Anyway, Resistance is Futile; Sarah Brouilette (Carleton): Antisocial Psychology; Evan Mauro (UBC): The Death and Life of the Avant-Garde: Or, Modernism and Biopolitics; Matthew MacLellan (Alberta): Capitalism’s Many Futures: A Brief History of Theorizing Post-Capitalism Technologically; and Robert Pippin reviews Less Than Nothing: Hegel and the Shadow of Dialectical Materialism by Slavoj Zizek. From Against the Current, Adaner Usmani on Marxism and "Subaltern Studies". Retrospective on the origins of world-systems analysis: Gregory P. Williams interviews Immanuel Wallerstein. Simon Hardy's long essay Destruction of Meaning is a welcome contribution to a Marxist analysis of media and communication. Jeffrey C. Isaac reviews The Communist Horizon by Jodi Dean. By refusing to treat Marx as our contemporary, Jonathan Sperber has brought him back to life. “Shut up! He might hear you!”: E. Wayne Ross and Greg Queen on teaching Marx in social studies education. With interest in Ralph Miliband’s work high after the Mail’s attack, could Marxism regain academic ascendency? asks Martin McQuillan. For those too young to remember the Cold War but old enough to be trapped by the Great Recession, Marxism holds new appeal. The Washington Post picked its top American Communists — Wonkblog begs to differ.