Benjamin I. Sachs (Harvard): The Unbundled Union: Politics Without Collective Bargaining. Sympathy for the Devil: What’s interesting is that while Nietzsche spectacularly fell from “grace” following the catastrophic appropriation of his philosophy by Hitler, thirty years after her death, Ayn Rand is enjoying something of a renaissance as the acid tongued, endlessly sober toast of America’s Tea Party. Sure, he’s not quite Edward Snowden when it comes to the international importance of his stash, but what Guccifer lacks in gravitas, he makes up for in bold-faced quantity. Puerto Rico’s population loss is getting a flood of attention from mainland media outlets. The CIA’s lawyer: Steve Coll reviews Company Man: Thirty Years of Controversy and Crisis in the CIA by John Rizzo. Libertarians are pushing us over a cliff: Alex Halperin interviews Thom Hartmann, author of The Crash of 2016. Though Pastor Robert Jeffress insists that he doesn't think that President Obama is the Antichrist, he does make the assertion that Obama's policies are opening the door for the Antichrist in his newest book, Perfect Ending. Reid Cherlin on the HuffPo-ization of the Right: Come for the Obama bashing, stay for the busty slideshows and viral videos. Here’s the challenge the White House faces in telling Obamacare success stories: Try to picture a headline that says, “Obamacare does what it’s supposed to do”. Ta-Nehisi Coates on what it means to be a public intellectual. TEDx speaker Benjamin Bratton gives priceless talk about how TED Talks are worthless.