Tetsuya Saito (Nihon): Bitcoin: A Search-Theoretic Approach. M. Blake Wilson (Binghamton): The Biopolitics of Revenge in a Nietzschean Theory of Justice. Harvey Gilmore (Monroe): New York's Taxable Lap Dancing at a Strip Club Near You. Karolina Libront (Warsaw): Evolution of NATO’s Identity in the 21st Century. The first chapter from NATO in Afghanistan: Fighting Together, Fighting Alone by David P. Auerswald and Stephen M. Saideman. Can't work, must chat: Ben Crair on how instant message and the open office made everyone's job impossible. The introduction to The Son Also Rises: Surnames and the History of Social Mobility by Gregory Clark. Anastasia Corell on Tibet's tense new reality: Checkpoints with fire extinguishers, pincer-wielding police officers, and spies disguised as monks — welcome to daily life in Lhasa. What would it mean to actually free Tibet? Leah Shellberg wants to know. A look at the genetic origins of high-altitude adaptations in Tibetans. Maggie Lange on alerting the world to “normcore”. In defence of Julian Assange: Assange publisher Colin Robinson writes about his experience of working with the much-criticised WikiLeaks founder. Artist colonies are mysterious places: Available only to a select few, supposedly teeming with alcohol, affairs, and creative hoodoo, but the rumors aren’t true — they just lack detail. How Hobby Lobby supporters talk about “religious liberty”: Katie McDonough 5 outrageous quotes that show it’s all about sex.