Will Kymlicka (Queen’s) and Eva Pfostl (SPIOV): Introduction to Multiculturalism and Minority Rights in the Arab World. Melani Cammett (Brown): Development and Underdevelopment in the Middle East and North Africa. Robert E. McNulty (Bentley), Tarek Hatem (AUC), Noomen Lahimer (Carthage), and Tarek Tantoush (AGS): Interpreting the North African Arab Spring Based on a Four-Stage Model of Economic Injustice and Peace. Koen Bogaert (Ghent): Contextualizing the Arab Revolts: The Politics Behind Three Decades of Neoliberalism in the Arab World. Colin J. Beck (Pomona): Reflections on the Revolutionary Wave in 2011. Fatimah Tijani (Cyprus International): The Arab World and Politics of Democracy. Peter J. Burgess (PRIO) and Costas M. Constantinou (Cyprus): New Middle East, New Insecurities and the Limits of Liberation Geography. Timothy Hazen (Loyola): The Arab Spring: Explaining Arab Military Behavior Through State Security Apparatuses. Edward Webb reviews The Rise and Fall of Arab Presidents for Life by Roger Owen. Patrick Cockburn on how the Middle East is entering a long period of ferment in which counter-revolution may prove as difficult to consolidate as revolution. Oussama Romdhani on a call for Arab reconciliation: Toxic divides will deny North Africa’s post-revolutionary states of political, social, and economic progress until national reconciliation unburdens the people of their victimhood and vindictiveness. Alfio Cerami on social protection and the politics of anger in the Middle East and North Africa. Sam R. Kimball on rapping the Arab Spring. Cartoon Analysis: Wei Seng Woon on a critical geopolitical eye on the geopolitical imaginaries of the Middle East.