The inaugural issue of The Journal of Inductive Biblical Studies is out. Mihai Murariu (Munster): Historical Eschatology, Political Utopia and European Modernity. Benjamin L. Berger (York): The Virtues of Law in the Politics of Religious Freedom. Jianlin Chen (Hong Kong): Money and Power in Religious Competition: A Critique of the Religious Free Market. Filipe R. Campante and David Yanagizawa-Drott (Harvard): Does Religion Affect Economic Growth and Happiness? Evidence from Ramadan. Marc Helbling (WZB) and Richard Traunmuller (Essex): How State Support of Religion Shapes Attitudes Toward Muslims. Lamine Anne-Sophie (Strasbourg): Singular Pluralities: A Critical Review of Religious Pluralism. Rabia Belt (Michigan): When God Demands Blood: Unusual Minds and the Troubled Juridical Ties of Religion, Madness, and Culpability. Jodok Troy (Innsbruck): The Power of the Zealots: Religion, Violence, and International Relations. Roland Boer (Newcastle): Spiritual Booze and Freedom: Lenin on Religion. From Religion and Gender, a special issue on Religion, Gender and Postcoloniality. Richard B. Davis and W. Paul Franks are against a postmodern pentecostal epistemology. From Themelios, does someone have the right to harm their own soul, or if you don’t much like the talk of “soul”, does someone have the right to do themselves moral harm? “I haven’t killed anyone!”: What serious sins will exclude us from the Kingdom of God? James Faulconer on advice for a Mormon intellectual (and part 2). Was someone who left religious life not called by God the first time?