From the International Journal of Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace, Andrea Gaynor and Greg Crebbin (Western Australia): What Can Engineers Learn from the Past? A Potential Role for History in Engineering Education; and Justin L Hess and Johannes Strobel (Purdue): Indigenous Ways of Doing: Synthesizing the Literature on Ethno-Engineering. SPLC report: Users of leading white supremacist web forum responsible for many deadly hate crimes, mass killings. Rightbloggers: Obamacare's good news is further proof it's doomed. Is the “T-word” the new “N-word”? Beyond the Laffer Curve: Matthew Yglesias on the case for confiscatory taxation. Can an economist’s theory apply to art? The wealth gap described in Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century is being felt in the art world too. Cuba, you owe us $7 billion: Leon Neyfakh goes behind the trade embargo lies a huge and nearly forgotten obstacle — the still-active property claims by American companies; inside the effort to settle a 50-year-old debt. Tax Trutherism sustains itself among elite political and business circles through constant repetition by fellow believers, creating a cocoon, much like the Alex Jones listening audience, where the preposterous becomes mundane. Why are politicians’ books so terrible? Hillary Clinton's memoir is coming out soon — Casey N. Cep on why you shouldn't bother reading it. Peter Lauria on why Royal Caribbean’s newest ship Quantum of the Seas represents a critical test for the cruise industry. The future of the workplace: Chris Lehmann reviews Cubed: A Secret History of the Workplace by Nikil Saval (and more and more and more and more and more).