From Nerve, more on the history of single life: The Erotic Other, or the history of interracial and cross-cultural relationships. An economist goes to a bar, and solves the mysteries of dating. Once again, scientists are pouring cold factual disdain on one of the warmer areas of human interaction: falling in love. Oprah gets a hold of it, and now you have every middle-aged woman talking about her vajayjay, but this seems like another attempt to sanitize, with the result infantilizing, the American lexicon.  I Heart Hairy Men: Marjorie Ingall on chest pelt, furry legs, fuzzy arms, butt rug. Dr. Ruth on the paucity of health insurance policies that cover sex therapy. From NBER, a look at the changing nature of marriage and divorce. Marriage has changed more in the last 30 years than in the previous 3,000, with major economic and social consequences for how families work. From The Believer, an article on the visual erotics of mini-marriages: At the heart of every mock wedding is the simultaneous yearning to coddle and to dominate, especially during the kitten weddings.