Kenneth Lipartito (FIU): The Economic History of Trumpism. Sanjay Reddy on how Trumpism has dealt a mortal blow to orthodox economics and “social science”. New economic thinking is needed to stop party crashers like Trump. Trump’s budget director has some awfully strange ideas about economic policy. Lily L. Batchelder (NYU): Families Facing Tax Increases Under Trump's Tax Plan. Hey, here’s a crazy idea: Let’s not cut taxes. Change is in the air and it is coming to antitrust and competition policy in the United States: What will, and what should antitrust enforcement look like in a Trump administration? Donald Trump: Be “Big Marco” or set his own path? Why Donald Trump is going to need Janet Yellen.

Obama ready to hand off a healthy U.S. economy to his successor. Judd Legum on 4 things that were supposed to happen by 2017 because Obama was reelected. Today’s economic political winds could turn in tomorrow’s tornado. Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz explains how Trump could nuke the economy: Trump’s plans could make him a negative-sum president. Why Trump needs to take the economy more seriously. What happens to the working class when millionaires and billionaires are in charge. Fighting for the poor under Trump: Ritchie Torres is a rising star who represents a Bronx district on the New York City Council — his job is about to get a lot harder.

The American Prospect launches a new regular feature, Trickle Downers, with the aim to expose the ongoing folly of the lie that that tax cuts for the rich, deregulation for the powerful, and wage suppression for everyone else are the policies that best create growth in capitalist economies.