From Onati Socio-Legal Series, a special issue on Radically Rethinking Marriage, including Sally F. Goldfarb (Rutgers): Divorcing Marriage from Sex: Radically Rethinking the Role of Sex in Marriage Law in the United States; and Sharon Thompson (Cardiff): In Defence of the "Gold-Digger". Norway to become 1st country to switch off FM radio. Nate Silver on how to Make College Football Great Again — by making it more like high-school debate. Evgeny Morozov translates a chart of the Davos's crowd 5 priorities for 2017 into human language. Ethics office struggling to vet Trump's cabinet picks, worries GOP is rushing the process. Government ethics office says Trump keeps ignoring warnings to sell his assets. Trump insiders head for big K Street paydays: Former aides look to disrupt a lobbying industry where Trump connections are rare.