Nancy LeTourneau on what the upheaval at Fox News and the Heritage Foundation have in common (and more and more on Heritage). Historians aren’t to blame for Donald Trump. Conservatives are wrong about everything, except predicting their own place in the culture. Albert Hunt on what Obama can do for the Democrats. Washington loves General McMaster, but Trump doesn't. GOP is hunkering down for a long legislative winter. Melania’s burden: From Melania’s ill-fated campaign appearances to her apparent reluctance to embrace the role of First Lady — how a very private woman is coping with the intense public scrutiny of her marriage. Dilbert’s revenge: Mediocrity is the divine ideal of Trump’s court cartoonist.

Disaster in the time of Trump: The public’s mistrust of President Trump might be especially dangerous in a catastrophe rooted in science — like an asteroid, nuclear spill, volcanic eruption, or the next Ebola. The money is rolling in for liberal hyperpartisan sites and it’s tearing some of them apart. Mar-a-Lago, Dubai, Aspen: The bottom line on protecting Trumps in the first 100 days is more than $30 million. How the states can make President Trump’s taxes public. The Kushners add to Trump’s growing conflicts of interest: The sister of Trump’s top adviser just pitched her White House connections to Chinese investors. The controversial visa that Jared Kushner’s family is hawking in China, explained.