Erwin Chemerinsky and Michele Goodwin (UC-Irvine): Abortion: A Woman’s Private Choice. Ordnance as ordinance: Michael Weinman on the MOAB bomb and the Biblical roots of our endless war. The head of the Census Bureau just quit, and the consequences are huge (and more). From Lawfare, can a president’s absolute immunity be trumped? We’re about to experience a flood of litigation testing what Nixon v. Fitzgerald really means. “You can’t let your emotions overtake you so much that you can’t do the work”: Colleen Walsh interviews Annette Gordon-Reed. No left turns: The present mood of the country justifies the hiring of an unapologetic socialist op-ed columnist, as opposed to a box-checking conservative.

Trump’s commission on “election integrity” will lead to massive voter suppression: It will be led by Mike Pence and Kris Kobach, who have a very long history of making it harder to vote (and more). Thread: “States with highest Black vote drop (MI, WI, OH, NC) had biggest vote list purges and new ID laws. It’s not ‘turn-out’, it’s Jim Crow”.