Cheng-Chih Tsai (MMC): On Killing as Causing Death. Kevin Inston (UCL): Inscribing the Egalitarian Event: Jacques Ranciere and the Politics of Iterability. Duncan Bell (Cambridge): Race, Utopia, Perpetual Peace: Andrew Carnegie’s Dreamworld. The world is getting hacked — why don’t we do more to stop it? Actually, why not cancel the White House Press Briefing? Sinclair requires TV stations to air segments that tilt to the right. Someone is trying to use email to blackmail Paul Berman — nothing can be done about it (and more). “Thought leaders” and the plutocrats who love them: Eric Alterman reviews The Ideas Industry: How Pessimists, Partisans, and Plutocrats Are Transforming the Marketplace of Ideas by Daniel Drezner.