Jagadish Thimiri, Ramya Burugu, Neale Smith, and Eric Smith (UTEP): An Economic Argument for Drug Legalization. Severin Johannes Zorgiebel (Frankfurt): The Rise of the Unicorns: How Media Affects Start-Up Valuations. In computer attacks, clues point to frequent culprit: North Korea. If Americans can find North Korea on a map, they’re more likely to prefer diplomacy. Syria is secretly executing detainees and burning the remains. 38 million pieces of plastic waste found on uninhabited South Pacific island. Colin Dickey reviews Phenomena: The Secret History of the U. S. Government’s Investigations Into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis by Annie Jacobsen. Barron Trump to attend Maryland’s St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in the fall.

The murderers’ row of voter suppression is here. Trump’s voter fraud commission is a shameless white power grab. Despite Supreme Court ruling, the future looks grim for voting rights.