From Vox, Sean Illing interviews ex-CIA officer Glenn Carle on why intelligence officials “absolutely can’t trust” Trump; and “we won’t get similar information again”: Zack Beauchamp interviews intel expert Paul Pillar on the real costs of Trump’s breach. How bad is disclosing “code word” information? If you’re known as someone who cannot keep a secret, the world’s secret-keepers are not going to tell you much. Will U.S. intelligence partners Trust trump anymore? One former senior White House official said Trump’s loose lips on intel could cause a “ripple effect”. Walk softly and blurt out whatever is on your mind: What Trump’s big mouth could mean for American foreign policy. Trump’s mouth has made America an unreliable ally: That’s good news for Europe, if it seizes this moment to finally reform NATO. NATO frantically tries to Trump-proof president’s first visit.