From IHE, is Hyde Park the new Cambridge (for mocking liberal academics)? From American, what if students could have investors pay their college bills in return for a set percentage of their future income? Rupert Murdoch wants his Wall Street Journal to displace The New York Times as the world’s paper of record; his ambitions could be good news for the newspaper industry— or another nail in the coffin of serious journalism (and is the Journal getting better?) The new museum of journalism only serves to highlight how the industry has failed to fully adapt to the digital age. More on Sovereignty: God, State, and Self by Jean Elshtain. A review of Hippies of the Religious Right: From the Counterculture of Jerry Garcia to the Subculture of Jerry Falwell by Preston Shires. A review of God's Own Country: Religion and Politics in the USA by Stephen Bates. Darwinists for Jesus: Can faith in evolution spiritually edify mankind? Let’s declare a truce in the Culture War: Why are believers and atheists still bickering? A review of Unequal Democracy: The Political Economy of the New Gilded Age by Larry Bartels. Just how stupid are we? We're all populists now, and that's unfortunate. Are voters more divided than ever? Morris Fiorina investigates. What leftists left out: Old left and new left had a lot of vision but never quite envisioned how to communicate with each other.