From TAP, how do we keep Obama's youth mobilized? Nine youth organizers, writers, and progressive-policy thinkers show us the way forward; and dozens of progressive institutions are clamoring to put their agendas on Obama's desk — will the incoming president actually read them? A review of Fighting Words: A Tale of How Liberals Created Neo-Conservatism by Ben Wattenberg. David Donadio on the death of neoconservatism. A look at the greatest conspiracy theories in history. From Jewcy, an article on the problem with Jewish bigots; and a series on Islamic Eschatology to annihilationist Muslim Jew hatred. Confirmation bias: From Jonestown to tribalism to presidential politics, individuals seek the like-minded. From Mental Floss, a look at 10 famous circus performers and  4 heartbreaking (or miraculous) moments in gambling history. Why a Cuban Democrat can't win in South Florida: It's the Communism, Stupid. From n+1, Andrew Seal never dreamed that his pride-filled defense of his native state would prove prophetic. A review of Regulatory Capitalism: How it Works, Ideas for Making it Work Better by John Braithwaite. Images of Satan: Norwegian Black Metal — apparently, Mother Nature makes vicious Vikings out of little boys. A review of Death from the Skies!: These Are the Ways the World Will End by Philip Plait.