From Standpoint, a series on reputations overrated/underrated, including Noam Chomsky/Mary Midgley, Eric Hobsbawm/Jeremy Black, Slavoj Zizek/Leszek Kolakowski, John Stuart Mill/Roger Bacon and Edward Said/Elie Kedourie. From Print, an interview with Art Spiegelman (and more from Bookforum). From Big Think, Christie Hefner, the soon-to-be former CEO of Playboy Enterprises, discusses Playboy's future Internet plans (and more). Merriam-based Lee Jeans is a proud maker of “mom jeans”. Katha Pollitt on Barack Obama, Feminist in Chief? An interview with Bitch magazine co-founder Andi Zeisler on "sexy" feminist issues. Germaine Greer ponders whether extreme shoes empower or constrain women, and female thinkers on what heels say today about sex, style, politics and power. The sexual revolution in cartoon form: Seventy-five years before the Spice Girls coined the term girl power, Betty Boop struck a blow for just such a cause. A Global New Deal: The next New Deal won't work if it's only American — fixing our economy will require fixing international systems. The coffee-table view of Turkmenbashi's dictatorship: A fascinating new book on the Turkmen despot unwittingly flatters his cult of personality. From MR, here's a look at six prominent American Freethinkers. What's the reality behind the $73 an hour autoworker? David Leonhardt investigates.