From New York, a cover story on the zany adventures of (Senator) Caroline Kennedy (and more). What Do Women Want? An article on discovering what ignites female desire. What Would Google Do? According to Jeff Jarvis, taking a page out of the company's playbook could put the economy back on track. What's with Google's new mini icon? From Wired, an article on The Plot to Kill Google: Google may not be evil, but it sure does have enemies; why Hollywood needs a new model for storytelling; and can Obama really reboot the White House? The Big Fix: Can Barack Obama really transform the U.S. economy? Our Epistemological Depression: Major recessions are characterized by something novel; opacity and pseudo-objectivity created the crisis today. From The Washington Independent, an essay on the triumph of Blue patriotism: Obama ushers in a liberalism that loves America; and a look at pols that most regret supporting Bush (and more) There is an option that might not only save newspapers but also make them stronger: Turn them into nonprofit, endowed institutions like colleges and universities. A review of books on Samuel Johnson. From The New Yorker, Jill Lepore on the day the newspaper died. The left quadrant of Obama’s base wants to stay relevant by staying angry, and the right doesn’t have anything to do but get angry — so who’s his biggest problem?