From The Symptom, an essay on Heidegger and Lacan — their most important difference; Michael Williams on Derrida on the Couch and the perversity of deconstruction; and sex is surface: An article on ontology and the play of signification. Who was General Tso? Jennifer 8. Lee on mysteries of American Chinese food (and from Bookforum, a review of The Fortune Cookie Chronicles: Adventures in the World of Chinese Food). I spy Daddy giving someone the finger: Your kids will imitate you — use it as a force for good. An excerpt from The General Will: Rousseau, Marx, Communism by Andrew Levine. Your perfect newspaper: France and Switzerland are taking serious governmental steps to aid their failing print media industries. How many terrorists are really left at Guantanamo, anyway? From TED, Peter Ward on Earth's mass extinctions. Will geek chic be a boon to Iggy 2.0? The Canadian Liberal leader is reintroducing himself just as cultural winds shift in favour of eggheads. Toll roads are paved with bad intentions: Conservatives have stoked hostility toward the state. Ten To Toss: The top Bush executive orders that Obama should scrap immediately. A review of The Invisible Constitution by Laurence Tribe. From Smithsonian, braving storms with 20-foot seas, an elite group of ship pilots steers through one of the world's most treacherous waterways — the mouth of the Columbia River.