From Wired, a look at one father's attempt to hack his daughter's genetic code; and Clive Thompson on how more info leads to less knowledge. From The Science Creative Quarterly, the science/arts divide stands between us: A love story. From Seed, an article on science diplomacy for the 21st century: On being a citizen of a world without borders or boundaries. Can a person be scared to death? A 79-year-old North Carolina woman dies after a heart attack brought on by terror. When dreams come true: People interpret dreams in ways that affect their waking lives, especially when those dreams support pre-existing beliefs. A review of The Survivors Club: The Secrets and Science That Could Save Your Life by Ben Sherwood. By switching to a weekly (and weekend) format, the big dailies can get their print version in the hands of readers who aren't online all day. Victorian values and the censoring presence of his prudish daughter blinded Charles Darwin to female promiscuity and delayed the study of sperm competition for 100 years. When groups don’t think: Collaboration, done right, produces dazzling results — so why is it often disastrous? From Vanity Fair, in many ways, the men who made "The Godfather" were as ruthless as the gangsters in Mario Puzo’s blockbuster. An article on Paul Krugman's winning of the Nobel Prize in economics — contributions to international trade theory.