A new issue of The Cato Journal is out. When is a threat not a threat? A recent British High Court ruling in the case of Binyam Mohamed has caused a firestorm in Britain over these and other questions. How I lost my one-of-a-kind collection and my girlfriend, too: For his PhD, Daniel Bennett had built a unique set of faecal samples from a rare lizard; when it was destroyed, he really hit bottom. The N-Word: TNR on the financial-sector fix that dare not speak its name — nationalization. Charles Darwin’s ideas have spread widely, but his revolution is not yet complete. The economics of giving it away: In a battered economy, free goods and services online are more attractive than ever, so how can the suppliers make a business model out of nothing? The Right Man: David Frum breaks ranks over cocktails. Dahlia Lithwick on seeking a bomb-throwing, passionate, liberal Scalia for a seat on the Supreme Court. From Popular Mechanics, a look at why shovel-ready infrastructure is wrong (right now). A review of Reasons, Patterns, and Cooperation by Christopher Woodard. George Mitchell's task of negotiating peace between Israel and the Palestinians will be complicated by the rivalry of key Arab players. John Gray reviews James Lovelock's The Vanishing Face of Gaia. Michael Kazin on a liberal revival of Americanism.