A new issue of Techne: Research in Philosophy and Technology is out. From Third Space, a special issue on Living/Teaching/Writing Feminism, including Jane Nicholas (Lakehead): Hunger Politics: Towards Seeing Voluntary Self Starvation as an Act of Resistance; Hildy Miller (PSU): Realizing the Truly Postmodern: Valuing Multiple Feminisms; and Cara A Minardi (GSU): “Is Feminism Dead? Where Do We Go From Here?” Keynesian Creationism: Faith in government is like faith in God, except the average government bureaucrat is neither all-knowing nor all-powerful (and part 2). Some Super Bowl viewers had their football interrupted by porn — it could happen to you, too! Ronald Steel on John Patrick Diggins, an historian brave enough to ignore the rules of political correctness and probe for the truth wherever he might find it. A review of Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream by Samuel Wurzelbacher and Thomas Tabback. Down to earth: In its relations with the world, America takes a sudden turn toward pragmatism. A review of Hubert Harrison: The Voice of Harlem Radicalism, 1883–1918 by Jeffrey B. Perry. A review of Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet: How Scarce Energy Is Creating a New World Order by Michael Klare. Obama’s stimulus package has restarted the old debate over what gets defined as the “safety net” and what gets attacked as “welfare”.