From The American Conservative, what’s the Tory? David Cameron may become Britain’s next prime minister, but that doesn’t make him a role model for the GOP. From Prospect, rise of the red Tories? Phillip Blond's ideas are part of a long tradition of thinking that is hostile to modernity and he has misunderstood the true meaning of liberalism; in defence of Adam Smith: Phillip Blond may regret the birth of the liberalism, but that does not mean he can ignore it; the perils of economic vandalism: Phillip Blond's arguments may be eloquent, but heavy-handed government meddling is not the answer; and "Red Toryism" may claim to be progressive, but instead harks back to a time of fear, destitution and powerlessness — Rousseau would certainly have disapproved. From Harper's, former Gitmo guard Army Private Brandon Neely tells all; and is John Yoo suffering from withdrawal pangs coming off an addiction to torture, or is he a “sadist”? From Time, Walter Isaacson on how to save your newspaper (and a response by Michael Kinsley, but forget micropayments — here's a far better idea for monetizing content). Immanuel Wallerstein on the politics of economic disaster. Not a dirty word: Nationalization is not un-American — we have a long history that proves it. The Stimulus Symposium: Leading economists sound off on the $800 billion stimulus package.