The latest issue of World Policy Journal is free online. From Variant, reading is an argument: An article on Althusser’s commandment, conjecture and contradiction; a review of After Habermas: New Perspectives on the Public Sphere; and a review of Lenin Reloaded: Towards a Politics of Truth. From The Nation, why do the Blue Dog Democrats get so much attention? They're more unified and cohesive than any other House faction — and then there's America's love affair with fiscal conservatism; and William Greider warns that if progressives don't engage with President Obama more, forces advocating for "entitlement reform" will gut social security. From TNR, goodbye to the age of newspapers (hello to a new era of corruption): Paul Starr on why American politics and society are about to be changed for the worse; and a look at the dark side of Obama's pragmatism: Can liberalism still explain itself? From Too Much, an article on A-Rod and inequality: A lesson worth learning. From 02138, here's the third annual status-anxiety-provoking list of Harvard's most influential alumni. From SciAm, was Einstein wrong?: A quantum threat to special relativity. John Allen Paulos on chaos, mathematical and financial: Why we can't predict the long-term effects of the bailout; a look at the optimal way to board plane passengers — we're doing it all wrong; and more on Stephen Baker's The Numerati