From Theandros, Lisa Kemmerer (Montana State): Christian Ethics and Nonhuman Animals; and an essay on the mystery of monotheism. From Metapsychology, a review of Richard Rorty: The Making of an American Philosopher by Neil Gross; a review of Tolerance and the Ethical Life by Andrew Fiala; and a review of When Is Discrimination Wrong? by Deborah Hellman. A new Kindle while journalism burns: Could Amazon's device help save an industry? (and more) What a book published in 1914 based on the predatory practices of J.P. Morgan could teach Barack Obama about finance. Curb Your Dog’s Enthusiasm: New York City is a wonderland for dogs — to defecate on, and for their owners to look the other way. Galileo put us in our place: The astronomer proved we're not the center of the universe — now we need to start acting like it. David Thomson has become the world’s most celebrated film critic by marrying encyclopedic ambition and an Olympian disdain for the cinema of today. A review of Toward 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age. Frank Kermode reviews books on John Milton. For many young guys trying to leave gangs, the pull of the old neighborhood is tough to resist; how do you let go — and stay gone? And the Oscar goes to: Selection of Academy Award nominees and winners is flawed, but reformers can't seem to elect a better candidate.